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I can heartily recommend Mr. Jose Valadez to do general remodeling work on your house or office.  He has done several jobs for me, including the installation of a covered porch and outdoor kitchen, and the refurbishing of a detached apartment next to my house.  The porch job perfectly followed the main house roof, such that it appears to be an original part of the house.  Mr. Valadez worked with me in recycling brick and granite countertops from my house in creating the outdoor kitchen to further that effect and also save on the materials for the job.  The apartment job consisted of solving a problem where my sprinkler system had caused the base of full length picture windows to suffer water damage.  His solution was to replace the windows, raise the base and replace wood siding with hardi-plank.   In addition, he replaced a worn ceramic floor tile with a tile that looks like pecan wood throughout the 800 sq foot apt, replaced joists that had suffered water damage from a leaky roof, and associated dry wall and ceilings.   Plus he replaced the roof over the apartment with a perfect match for the main house.

He also installed a new bathroom, and new flooring in house that I sold in the Woodlands several years ago.  After the work the house sold very quickly (and then sold again 18 months later for 20% more).

Mr. Valadez is into solving the problem, not masking it with a cosmetic fix.  He is easygoing and with his experience and resources he can recommend solutions you may not have thought of.  A contractor is only as good as the workers he brings on  the job, and I can vouch for the quality of work of his roofer, electrician, plumber, painters and flooring guys.   

We are currently discussing our next project, a redo of the apartment kitchen.  I have recommended him to several of my friends and will continue to do so.

Jeff Carpenter

I am thrilled to write a letter of recommendation for Jose Valadez, Painting and Home Remodeling.  I am in interior designer in Houston and have been in business for almost 25 years.  During this time I have worked with 3 contractors, the first two moving on to do different things.  I met Jose almost 5 years ago on a project.  I was immediately impressed by his professionalism, attention to detail, quality of work, and the myriad of intangibles one has concerns about when undergoing a renovation.  In fact, Jose and team are the best contractors I have ever worked with.

In the five years time we have completed many, many projects, from bathroom and kitchen remodels, to an outdoor patio/kitchen project, to replacing flooring, painting projects to a complete build out of a 1000 square foot garage apartment.  He and I work very well together, which is a huge benefit to my clients.

Jose is very creative and able to make design suggestions based on his knowledge of construction.  I have learned a great deal about construction and the important basics of lighting and plumbing.  He is always patient when explaining a challenge from his perspective.

When asked why I prefer Jose and his team to the previous contractors, all of whom were excellent, the answer is always “the intangibles”.

1.  Scheduling - we rarely have had a time where he had to stop a project for aa few days while we had to wait on an electrician or plumber.  He understands a project from the client’s perspective, and the desire to do the work without interruption.

2.  Work day - projects are stressful and messy.  He and his team understand that.  They are the neatest contractors I have ever seen.  They mask off the site so well one would not know there was work going on.  At the end of each day the site is swept, cleaned up, and materials stored in a staging area.  The team is also very careful about safety and ensuring the safest possible worksite.

3.  The team - is quite, respectful and understands the customer’s perspective of having one’s home occupied for days and weeks on end.  Every client who has hired them has begun with the same concerns and after two days is thrilled beyond belief.  They are honest and ethical, and I have never been happier to write a recommendation about anyone.

On an more personal level, I didn’t just find a great contractor, I found great friends as well.   They are wonderful and always “have my back”.  I have told Jose may times that he can never retire as long as I am working.  If I lost “my guys” I would find something else to do.   Should anyone reading this wish to talk more with me, Jose can pass on my contact information.


Debbie Gersh